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The OXALIS range is the result from a long-term ergonomic survey essentially based on safety, comfort and practicality. Hospital experience has made the reliability of those products, in particular by eliminating all risks of pubic or chest compression, injury or shearing. The materials used, like neoprene, clips or self-grip meet specific requirements in terms of patient comfort and practicality for the care personnel.


Made up of neoprene flap, they tie up around the wrists and prevent bruises and injury linked to tear-off attempts.


Composed of a belt and two braces, it prevents risks of forward falls, the patient being maintained at shoulder level by the braces attached to the wheelchair armrests. Neoprene fittings ensure comfortable support of the shoulders.
The abdominal strap which passes below the armrests provides proper steadiness of the system. The patient is swiftly released by action on the clips. It adapts to all types of wheelchairs but must not be used with agitated patients.


Composed of a neoprene band and a double-belt (one around the patient’s waist, the other one around the patient’s wheelchair), it is perfectly suitable for ordinary support.


It is in the form of a complete nappy changing set. It eliminates risks of arterial compression and shearing. Its buckling system makes it impossible for patients to release it themselves. A single clip enables a third person to free the patient. The pelvic holder prevents any slipping and ensures comfortable sitting by supporting the patient by the pelvis. Its ergonomic design provides an excellent distribution of bearing points


This system meets the requirements for keeping patients on a resting chair by combining the pelvic holder and harness effectiveness. It adapts to the patient’s degree of agitation. The harness remains in place on the armchair. No risk of injury or strangulation by slipping or by forward and lateral movements. Braces tie up to the panties.


  • Polyamide fabric
  • Polypropylene straps and buckles
  • Hook and loop tab
  • Neoprene