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Armchair and bed support straps

The quick fastening system ensures safe and permanent securing of ARPEGIA belts. In all cases, a single buckle links two, three or four ties and permits easy buckling of the entire system.

Made of a knitted composite of cotton, polyester and polyamide, ARGEGIA belts/straps are comfortable and soft. They prevent hard material-related injuries. The scottish tartan fringe provides a proper support to the whole system.

100% polyester fabric straps link the belt to the buckles.

The ARPEGIA belts, chest and pelvic harnesses are also suitable for wheelchair, comode or resting armchair. An ARPEGIA ventral belt for bed keeping is also available.

The ARPEGIA belt design integrates the basic principles of support and immobilisation:

  • Easy set up,
  • Safety of use,
  • Comfort and swiftness,
  • Respect for patients.