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Harmony & Harmony Porta Chair

The Harmony Seating System has been designed

  • with changing needs in mind
  • with a stylish look to suit all ages
  • for postural support and pressure care

This chair has a tension adjustable back system allowing the seating specialist to adjust the back to give support and envelopment where needed if required to maintain a midline position.

It also has a unique recliner seat pan designed to cradle the pelvis into a balanced central position using a range of selected cushions from leading manufactures to tailor pressure care needs

Probably the most important area in back pain is your pelvis. No matter where the back pain is, your pelvis is involved.

The pelvic is responsible for not only being the base of support for the upper body but for transferring weight through the femur heads down through the knees, ankles and feet. How weight transfers through each leg and foot is dependent upon the positioning of the pelvic.

Only when the pelvis is gravitationally centred can the feet receive and distribute weight evenly.

Pelvic instability shows itself as pelvic tilts, obliquities, slouching abduction adduction kyphosis.

Symptoms associated with instability include mid and low back pain, hip socket tension, knee and ankle problems, difficulty in breathing, groin pain, shoulder pain, difficulty in standing and walking, an inability to stand on both feet and excessive muscle tension throughout the body. Even headaches and dizziness may be traced to pelvic instability.

If a person is no longer mobile they can spend 40-50 hours a week sitting in a chair, therefore it is important that a seating solution is found that is comfortable and is designed around their needs.

Harmony seating offers an excellent pressure care management system that we can put in to the chair to give you the right level of protection whether that is foam, gel or air.

With Harmony seating it is easy to upgrade the insert cushion when a client’s needs change. Consideration must be given to any postural requirements needed and our seating consultants can carry out your assessment identifying peek pressure areas that arise and finding the appropriate protection.

This involves a combination of customizing of the chair back rest to accommodate most spinal problems, providing comfort and lateral support to maintain a midline position of stability

Some of the positioning issues resolved using harmony seating are:-

Harmony & Harmony Porta Chair red

  • Forward sliding
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Pelvic obliquity
  • Abduction
  • Adduction
  • Lordosis
  • Slouching
  • Kyphosis