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The Symphony ChairThe Symphony chair

A posture management chair with integrated, interchangeable pressure managements systems

This chair has excellent pressure management, comfort and support, whilst being stylish and suiting any décor.

Ideal for both domestic and care home/ nursing environments.

This chair tilts in space with a backrest recline.

The tilt in space on this chair helps:

  •    Improve posture
  •    Pressure distribution
  •    Pelvic stability
  •    Circulation
  •    Makes hoisting easier
  •    Can aid feeding
  •    Reduce forward sliding
  •    Provides less friction and sheer forces
  •    Can be used for Physiotherapy
  •    Provides abdominal stretch exercises.

By maintaining the same angle at the hips and tilting the entire chair back, you can achieve a relaxed position while maintain pelvic stability, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

This chair can help resolve the following position problems:

  •    Forwarding sliding
  •    Pelvic obliquity
  •    Abduction
  •    Adduction
  •    Lordosis
  •    Slouching
  •    Kyphosis

Key features of the Symphony Chair

Back & Seat- Vapour Permeable Dartex, 4 way multi-stretch as standard. Removable seat cover.

Waterfall Back- Fully accessible with moveable cushions to allow you to adjust the position, along with access to the padding to adjust for comfort. Extra bariatric available with 3 tier for extra support.

Lateral Back- Offers midline position stability, adapted to client’s requirements with full access to allow adjustment for spinal conditions.

Interchangeable seat- Sewn with Velcro to the sides and rear which once pulled forward, will allow you access to the seat area to change the cover and maintain the seat cushion.

Footrest- Memory foam, footplate available with larger castors for the foot support and push handles to rear.

Back Knee- Memory foam.

Handset- Easy to use, which can be positioned anywhere on the chair.

Accupack- To allow the chair to run without the need of wires and recharges at any time.

Castors- Can be used to reposition the chair. Different sizes available to allow hoist access if necessary.

Storage Pocket

Arms- Upholstered or wooden grip knuckle made to height requirements.

Action- Dual action, tilt in space with adjustable back.

Fabric- Standard and healthcare fabrics available.


2 Years electrical warranty (recliner mechanism)

1 year warranty (upholstery)

Available in Bariatric Sizes.