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‘Designed for tomorrow and manufactured today’

Recliners designed the Eco Flex chair to meet today’s economic and environmental concerns of the local. Through our Design and Development Department the Eco Flex chair was introduced to have a high degree of monetary saving over a medium to long term period by reducing the need to purchase a wide range of different dimensional chairs.


3 tier waterfall

Shown in Panaz Venture Duck Egg & Dartex 4 Way Stretch.
The Eco Flex has the ability to offer a chair that can offer total flexible dimensional movement, both in height and depth, which will reduce the requirements for stocking a large number of different sized chairs.


In the design it is also possible to alter the type of pressure care required before delivery to a client or this can quickly be installed at a later date should it become necessary, dependent on clients personal requirements.



Removable covers:

Allows all outer upholstery to be replaced with new or cleaned covers.

The design of the Eco Flex has enabled Recliners to offer, as one of the options, the ability to remove all outer upholstery and replace it with new or cleaned covers as the inner upholstery of the chair can be waterproof lined.

This gives protection to the foams and timber from any contamination of fluids, which ultimately prolongs life and use of the chair.
Depending on the mechanism required one chair can give you numereous different size options with seat heights from 16.5” to 21”, seat widths from 19” or 21” and seat depths from 16” to 22”.




Seat height and depth facility

 Designed to enable quick adjustments to seat height and depth by the use of adjustable seat risers and back brackets. Alternative seat heights can be achieved by altering the height of the glides and also by using the 1” and 2” risers.

Seat depth and foot board facility

Designed to enable quick adjustments to seat depth and foot board length by the use of seat box and footboard facility.
Star points

Designed and developed to reduce the overall cost of purchasing and servicing chairs.
Totally inter changeable set of back cushions to meet the
Pressure care cushions.
Ability to remove all outer upholstery and replace with new or cleaned covers as the inner upholstery of the chair is waterproof lined.