Pediatric electric scale bed with 3 sections with variable height on two motorized vertical columns with top in thermoformed ABS net with over-covering sliding leg in laminated laminate. Extendable of 40 cm (up to 195 cm) to allow the use even by tall guys. The shoulders are made of mass-colored plastic material. The shoulder on the head is removable, while the shoulder on the feet is fixed as it integrates a control console equipped with various electrical functions; the back is equipped with a lever control for quick emergency release, located on both sides. The side rails with 4 sectors can be folded down with a folding movement, with total protection. Each half-wave is equipped with a shock absorber that attenuates the movement of abatement of the panel thus making the operation of descent safe and silent. The containment panels are made of mass colored plastic material, suitably structured to guarantee maximum safety and solidity.


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