Rehofix & Reho2fix Toilet Adaptors



Made up of injected polymer, the REHOFIX and the REHO2FIX have a smooth surface. With no roughness, the material feels pleasant to touch. In designing the product, the requirements of hygiene, ergonomics and looks have been taken into account, making the REHOFIX and the REHO2FIX innovative products which combine safety of use, reliability over time, harmony of line and quality of finish.

The REHOFIX and the REHO2FIX meet the requirements of hygiene needing an easy, regular maintenance. Because it is totally sealed, rinsing with water is possible.

The REHOFIX and REHO2FIX can be fitted to the vast majority of toilet bowls. They can be conveniently fitted and the exterior setting brings about an unquestionable improvement in their conditions of use.


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