Exgel cushions



What is EXGEL®?


EXGEL was developed as ultimately soft and stable material
to reduce the risk of decubitus ulcer.
KAJI CORPORATION has been utilizing EXGEL for various
products by combining excellent characteristics of EXGEL and
own products’ development ability and manufacturing technology.


EXGEL’s flexibility is extremely high; it stretches about 20 times
and able to restore to its original form.
Its soft and slow recovery natures are gentle to human’s skin, and
realize ideal skin contact possible.
EXGEL also has an excellent shock absorbability, and proved
more than 10 times high shock absorbability than general urethane
foam in tests.

Comments from professional

Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause pressure and shear forces that obstruct blood flow, and it
can increase the risk of decubitus ulcers.
The pressure under the tissue is considered to be 3-5 times higher than that of skin surface, and
skin tissues can be damaged once shear forces applied.
Gel material can buffer shear forces and redistribute the pressure, and is suitable for seating supports.
Therefore, the gel is considered to be effective for preventing decubitus ulcers, as well as comfortable seating.
(Professor Makiko Tanaka, Yamaguchi Prefectural University. Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcers)




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