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Pharmaouest Industries has designed a complete product line of mattresses, pillows and cushions using raw materials from agriculture. Castor oil and bamboo fibres replace a part of the traditional components of foam and fabric.

The regeneration of bamboo plants takes 2 to 3 years. This favours the ecological cultivation as well as the energy–productivity ratio. Bamboo fibres are 100% recyclable and dispose of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Esprit Nature by Pharmaouest Industries combines comfort and well-being with social and ecological responsibility. In order to provide an optimal rest to the user, Pharmaouest Industries associated the innovative Outlast® System to the different covers of Esprit Nature products

Advantages :

  1. Oeketex label class 4
  2. Easy to clean – washable at 40°C (104°F)
  3. Biodegradable • naturally antibacterial
  4. EN 597 part 1 • cigarette test
  5. EN 597 part 2 • match test
  6. Ultra-Fresh® treated – antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial


  1. Padded, 30% natural bamboo
  2. 70% polyester and aluminium yarn

The cover of all Esprit Nature

  1. products is completely removable
  2. Replacement covers available


not too hot…. not too cold…. just rightTM
The incorporation of Outlast® regulates the microclimate of the skin, absorbs excess heat and releases it back to the body as needed. Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. Outlast® is a registered trademark Certified Space Technology.

Advantages :

  1. Excess heat is absorbed
  2. Stored heat is released to the body as needed
  3. Reduction of sweating
  4. Unique climate regulation
  5. Balances microclimate well

The product range Esprit Nature designed by Pharmaouest Industries is made of Naturalis memory foam with a density of 52kg/m³.

  • 150 mm – 6″ High Resilience foam
  • 50 mm – 2″ Naturalis memory foam


Memory foam comfort layer 52 kg/m3 – 3,25 lb/ft3 • 50 mm – 2″

High resilience support layer 50 kg/m3 – 3,12 lb/ft3 • 150 mm – 6″


  • comfort layer 52 kg/m³ – 3,25 lb/ft3
  • 70 mm – 2¾” Naturalis memory foam


for the elderly and the bedridden
Bedsore prevention


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