Electric bed with 4 sections, of which 3 articulated and 1 central fixed. The bed is adjustable in two widths, from 102 cm to 122 cm, and is made entirely of plastic laminate. The adjustments of the inclination of the backrest and of the femoral section are obtained by means of particularly powerful electric actuators, with oversized pushing forces, which guarantee high reliability over time. The leg area is adjustable by means of a synchronized movement that ergonomically follows the inclination of the femoral section. The top is supplied as standard with an integrated all-in-one, with a total extraction of 180 mm. The height adjustment is achieved by a pair of electric actuators equipped with a very high thrust force that allow a safe lifting load of 400 kg to be achieved. The bed controls provide as standard a push-button panel in use to the patient and an operator push-button panel (SUPERVISOR) for the exclusive use of specialized personnel. The compass rails, dimensioned to withstand high stresses and with a containment capacity of 40 cm, are equipped with a fixing system that is also adjustable in width to adapt to the two widths of the floor-net.


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