Baby Nest I-700 Incubator For Hospital Intensive Care


• 6-inch wide LCD screen displaying all parameters at the same time and improved monitorization
• Design reducing sound stress thanks to QT feature of the canopy
• Large bed cabin with double walls suitable for twin babies
• Able to measure and monitor skin temperatures of twin babies simultaneously
• Sensor module technology
• Double covers able to open with 180 degree angle
• 6 pieces intervention windows easily openable with elbow touch
• Air curtains activated automatically when uncovered in order to prevent heat loss in cabin unit
• Feature to continue monitoring for 1.5 hours in case of power failure
• Trend for 72 hours
• Particle holder air filter in size of micron
• Servo controlled heat management system
• Servo controlled humidifier
• Trendelenburg ve reverse trendelenburg mechanism
• X-ray cassette tray
• Universal serial USB port inputs
• Servo controlled oxygen concentration module (optional)
• Improved height adjustment (optional)
• Digital scale (optional)
• Attachable Led phototherapy device (optional)


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