Aluminium Threshold Ramps


The Your needs aluminium threshold ramps are perfect for overcoming thresholds. Available in three styles, standard, bridge or wedge, these threshold ramps are perfect for single or double thresholds. These ramps feature a highly durable anti-slip surface, and require no installation- simply rest on and go. These ramps are available to purchase VAT exempt if you qualify.

The Ramp People Aluminium Threshold Ramps are ideal for overcoming PVC, WPVC and patio doors and many other thresholds. These unique products provide a comfortable and secure route to the inside of a property. These ramps are extremely lightweight and easy to move and the anodised aluminium surface offers an excellent stainless, corrosion free grip surface.

The Ramp People ‘Standard’ Aluminium Threshold Ramp rests securely onto the threshold without damaging it, thanks to a rubber anti-slip surface on the underside of the ramp. The lip also provides a solid platform for other wheelchair access ramps, so they can be used safely together.

The Ramp People ‘Bridge’ Aluminium Threshold Ramps offer a simple, presentable and practical solution to the simple, everyday problem of overcoming thresholds. They are designed to allow gentle access up, over and across thresholds up to 10cm high.

The Ramp People ‘Wedge’ design Aluminium Threshold ramps offer a highly presentable, simple and easy solution to mounting single steps, both internally and externally.

Our Combination Channel Ramps can also be used to overcome thresholds.

The Ramp People Aluminium Threshold Ramp Features Include:

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Unique design enables incredible grip
  • Perfect for PVC, WPVC and Patio door thresholds & steps
  • Rubber grips to protect PVC and WPVC surfaces
  • Full width anti-slip surface
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move
  • Upto 250kgs capacity
  • Anodised finish prevents stains and corrosion
  • Large stock held for free of charge next day UK mainland delivery


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