Chiropodists all over the world

Chiropodists all over the world

Chiropodists all over the world are supplied by Newstyle Healthcare the UK�s leading specialists in the manufacture and distribution of Chiropodist Chairs also Podiatry chairs to the NHS and Private Practice, committed to providing very competitively priced products. 

The TARSUS Chiropody chair, designed in close consultation with very experienced Chiropodists, is a very user-friendly. This ergonomic and very comfortable chair with its four (4) Electric motors, is easily adjusted to a perfect position and therefore very flexible. 


Four (4) motors (one for each leg rest, one for seat tilt, one for height) Manually adjustable (and removable) heel rests Manually adjustable back rest (gas spring) Foldaway arm rests Central locking castors, 100mm Neck cushion Hand control + hanger for a hand control, one on each side of the chair Foot controls

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