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Magic Loggia Ultimate Newborn Infant Incubator

Magic Loggia Ultimate New born Infant Hospital Intensive Care Incubator.
Magic Loggia Ultimate is equipped with 10.1 inch colour TFT-LCD touch screen ensures user friendly interface, content and usage facilitation. It provides easier access and accelerated calibration capability to the intended values to be able to set by means of adjustment keys of air, skin, humidity and oxygen parameters visible on the screen acting as timesaver for the end user.
Raw materials utilized during manufacturing do comply with all harmonized standard
defined for electrical, medical devices and equipments.
Heat distribution of the device is both steady and homogeneous.
Minimized sound stress on baby.
Servo controlled humidity and oxygen system quickly reaches requested parameters.
Hardware system of the device is compatible to operate with HL7, central hospital information system and remote access connection system via its optional Wi-Fi feature