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Atlas Bedroom Collection

A complete collection of cabinet furniture in beech which can be stained to your requirements. Built to very high standards our Atlas cabinets set new standards for Hospital interiors.
The bottom line is that it costs ?400.00 a day less to manage an older person recovering in a Health Care Hotel than in a public hospital.
Patients on the way to recovery could move into ?Health Care Hotels? which offer private apartment living with a range of assisted services.
The increasing waiting lists in Hospitals for treatment and tight Hospital budgets has created a need for the development of the Health Care Hotel concept and product.
It is a poor use of funds to retain a person in a hospital, when they can be cared for in a more suitable environment for half the cost.
The ageing population, the increased pressure on hospitals to treat more patients, tightening health budgets and a demand by older persons and their families for an improved system will see the Health Care Hotel concept spread nationally.