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Fast E-Vac Mass Patient Evacuation for Hospitals and Carehomes

ERGOtip 5 EL (HMI-no. 35321) is height adjustable by means of two actuators. The chair reclines up to 30?by means of a third actuator. All three actuators are operated by a single hand control box. The height adjustment is executed without necessarily reclining the chair - and vice versa ! Tip-up arm rests with PUR-cushions. Adjustable back support. Soft PUR-seat with open or closed front aperture and pot stop when reclined.

Congratulations on finding the most versatile shower and toilet chair in our range of products: An indoor transit chair, a commode, and a shower chair - all in one. The reclining function and the height adjustment are taken care of by three actuators so you will experience an unknown joy, safety and comfort in your daily working routines.