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Fero Relaxing Chair


The Fero relaxing chairs are equipped with a specially designed recliner mechanism for use within the healthcare sector. They give total support to all parts of the body while inclined in a Zero-Gravity position.

Espicially designed for those in need of that extra special care to which comfortable seating is of paramount importance.

Pressure reduction through careful foam pressure distribution.

Circulation and respiration disorders can be helped with a simple adjustment of our relaxing chair, postions can be easily changed, effecting the perfusion-ventilation ratio of the lungs with every change. The lung alveoli are stimulated resulting in a higher production of surfactants keeping the alveoli elastic and allowing a better oxygenation of the blood.

The changes in seating position, particularly the Zero-Gravity position, ensure a stress reduced blood circulation. Since legs and heart are almost on the same level, there is less build-up of venous pressure in the lower limbs. Consequently the legs feel less tired and in turn improve the healing process of possible chronic leg sores.