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Health starts from Care

The well-being of the person and his needs are at the center of  Piaval production philosophy. For Piaval “to care” means taking care of people and their well-being. This is why the design of each seat and armchair is the result of research that combines interdisciplinary areas such as ergonomics, functionality, usability, security, configurability and design. Thanks to a team with specific professional skills, each product takes shape with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who use it, ensuring high standards of comfort, handling and sanitation, responding to the specific needs of nursing homes, clinics and hospitals, reception and home care facilities. Even the wide range of accessories is designed to always offer the most suitable solution. Each model can be customized with headrest cushions and footrests, tables laying dishes, an IV port, easy recline controls, wheels, handles and many other accessories designed to ensure well-being and protection, guarantee safe handling, maximum practicality and resistance to use extended.


In clinics and hospitals, the modern concept of humanisation of care is also expressed through the choice of functional furniture. It contributes to improving the physical and psychological well-being of the hospitalized persons, as well as the working methods of the operators who assist them.


Hygiene is essential for chairs, armchairs and tables with which every day patients and health workers come into contact. Piaval offers solutions that guarantee maximum practicality of use and ease of sanitation: removable cushions and headrests, equipped with Velcro for fast fixing; specific waterproof protections for the seats; seat of armchairs and sofas completely removable to allow total cleaning of the underlying structure. The coatings are accompanied by the Sanitized or equivalent guarantee that ensures breathability, freshness, comfort and prevention of unpleasant odors. They are resistant to bacteria, washing and light, subjected to anti-stain treatments and guaranteed for resistance to abrasion even up to 300,000 Martindale cycles .

Residential Homes

In residences for the elderly it is important that the environment is welcoming and on a human scale but also functional to the needs of the elderly. A space where even the furniture helps to instill a sense of security in mobility and daily gestures, ensuring the elderly dignity and pleasure of sociability.


Taking care of a person means not only assisting but also protecting it. The Piaval models are designed to offer maximum stability and safety in any position or movement. Safe grips to accompany movements – especially getting up and sitting down – anti-slip and anti-tip devices, accessories with rounded corners. The design takes into account the different disabilities and limitations of the user’s movement. Piaval also pays close attention to the safety of the operator, so that his work can take place in total serenity and ease. Robustness and durability of the product are guaranteed by special certifications

Home Care

The house is a special place for everyone. A comfortable place to live, the environment of memories and habits. For those who have permanent motor difficulties, as in the case of the elderly, or temporary disabilities due for example to a convalescence, it is the space to move safely and with a good degree of autonomy.


We often perceive difficult to use even relatively simple objects. Feeling comfortable in an armchair, being sure to be able to handle it easily and safely amplifies the psychological well-being of the elderly person. If the commands are intuitive, every gesture becomes fluid and the level of autonomy is greater. In the same way, it is essential for family members to be able to count on accessories that simplify daily assistance operations, such as the laying of dishes, which can be locked in various positions, the headrest cushions with Velcro fastening or the wheels. Considering it as an important component of product quality, Piaval applies the concept of usability with particular regard to mechanical and electrical devices that regulate the movements of the back, seat and footrest.


Houses Committed to assisting their loved ones, the relatives of the patients find moments of serenity and rest in the reception facility reserved for them. Also available to patients who need visits or post-discharge checks, it is a place to feel at home, even when away from home.

Flexibility and design

The environments of the hospital villages are designed starting from dual needs: those of the patients who spend short periods of time and those of the family members who, even for a long time, assist the patients hospitalized in the structure. For this reason, the furnishing elements that compose them require extreme flexibility of performance, a total guarantee of comfort and a wealth of aesthetic solutions. The Piaval models, thanks also to the wide range of coatings and a clever use of color, contribute to create a welcoming environment that conveys positive energy and responds to the diversified needs of users. Even the use of wood that characterizes each model is particularly important, because it transmits the warmth and beauty of the home environment.