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Ave Birthing Bed Brochure
The concept of the AVE birthing bed is to compliment the high standard of obstetrics while taking into account the Mothers psychological nedds. Our AVE bed provides support in mothers active role in the birth and positively helps the psychological well being of the Mother during the birthing process.

Artina Care Home Nursing Bed
Everybody cares about the health of residents. Personal independence and design play a key role in this concept. That’s why the most modern techniques and a progressive functionality have been integrated in the elegant Artena bed design.

Extra Low Olympia Care Home Bed
Safety and Comfort have to be tuned to one another. The Olympia XLow bed has an extra low bed position of only 250mm

Olympia Care Home Nursing Bed
Olympia Care Home Nursing Bed a classic design with long life cycle.

Siena & Aris Care Home Nursing Bed
Nowadays, both the resident and nursing staff demand comfortable and ergonomic beds. Only then, the resident can be as autonomous as possible, whereas the nursing staff can work efficiently.

Velino Care Home Nursing Bed
Nowadays, both the resident and nursing staff demand a comfortable and
ergonomic bed. Only then, the resident can be as autonomous as possible,
whereas the nursing staff can work efficiently.

VICO Care Home Nursing Bed
VICO Care Home Nursing Beds of Quality, Trustworthy, durable and safe. Soft wooden corners elegant design for those who care.

Mollis Emergency Trolley Mattress
Patients often have to stay in the emergency ward for a long time, this makes it essential that this time is comfortable and that it doesn’t create further complications for the patient. Mollis emergency trolley mattress has great pressure relief in comparison to other emergency mattresses and therefore reduces the risk of the patient developing pressure sores.

Rescue Mattress
Newstyle Rescue mattress is a new evacuation product developed by Järven
Health Care in Sweden. The rescue mattress is a safety product that can be used by one person for fast and safe evacuation of non-ambulant patients in Hospital or Care Homes.

Gracia Gynaecological Workplace
A modern and friendly environment for both the Physician and Patient emphasizing ergonomics and effectiveness of Gynaecological investigation.

Domus High Back Recliner Chairs
Domus High Back Recliner Chairs with a variety of arm Trim.

Fero Cardiac Recliner Chair Brochure
Fero Chair with maximum function and features for use in every Medical Ward within a Hospital

SELLA Multi-Functional High Back Patient Transfer Chair
SELLA Multi-Functional High Back Patient Transfer Chair, tilt function ideal for Eye Surgery Wards.

Lentex Hospital Bed Mattress – New Innovation
Lentex is a material with 600 % stretch ability in all directions. This helps the body to sink into the mattress and the patient can fully utilize the built-in pressure relief that our mattresses offer. Independent pressure tests shows that Lentex reduces interface pressure by 25% compared to other covers. This makes Lentex mattresses suitable for patients in need of extra pressure relief.

BC Hospital Bedside Cabinet
Whether you are renovating the room or setting it from scratch, big components usually get all the focus and attention. Nevertheless, patients and guests will evaluate the attractiveness of the room through a holistic approach. That’s why we believe it is wise to consider the details and achieve a total harmony in the patient rooms.

Olympia Bariatric Hospital Bed
Olympia Bariatric Hospital Bed, comfort, safety, mobility and flexibility

Opthalmic Eye Surgery Trolley
Articulating ophthalmic head support, with dual operating adjustment knobs or with precision double-action friction lock, for exact positioning. Adjustable padded wrist rest attachment with triple fitting positions

OBT Hospital Over Bed Table
During recovery period, why not your patients keep resting on the hospital bed while dealing with their daily routines comfortably? Besides, how about using an aesthetic and robust over bed table, which is suitable and go in line with the elegance of the TAUTMANN hospital bed?

Pediatric Crib Model ICC411
The new oval pediatric crib offers both self-closing and automatic sides together with any number of intermediate stop positions. The platform height is adjustable by pneumatic gas springs and also offers trendelenburg tilting in both directions. A new and stylish under bed ABS cover and storage tray is standard.

Pediatric Crib Model ICC411 Isolation
mobile isolation system designed for transportation of patients with or suspected of carrying, biological contagious diseases, and airborne infections including open tuberculosis, SARS, viral fever such as Lassa fever or Swine flu. The unit is designed to transport patients and permit both treatment and diagnosiswhile providing complete safety for the attending medical staff the unit can accept patients of any age.

Med-Cruiser Motorized Patient Stretcher
Medi-Cruiser™ is a unique, all-purpose, self-propelled transportation and emergency stretcher. It is the pioneering product, and a core component, of a revolutionary new generation of motorized medical transportation systems that provide a breakthrough in medical facilities operations.

Pura Dialysis Bed Brochure
Pura Dialysis Bed with chair function.

AKIRA Hospital Reception Bench Seating for Hospitals
AKIRA is an attractive and consistent design for a public seating system with a polished aluminium frame and an upholstered or varnished wood seat, for the contract segment of offices and organisations that wish to bring outstanding style to their work spaces.

ARS Hospital Reception Bench Seating
Simple, functional and friendly lines, aimed at environments with top requirements in terms of versatility, durability and ease of maintenance.

Artic Hospital Reception Bench Seating
Range of seats with sober and elegant lines based on the quality and excellence of the
materials used: varnished beech wood seat and polished aluminium frame.

Balance RUL Reception Seating
The backrest of the seat is formed by a single long cushion in the form of a roller and the feet are shaped by a column and a round chrome-plated steel base.

Clinic Hospital Bench Seating
Modular and multiple beech wood seating system with a central foot assembler evice.
This product is very easy to install and adaptable to the varied and changing needs of the client. The simple and safe mechanism to connect the modules allows each and every moment the best use of the available space. Optionally, the system offers armrests with wooden cover and modular tables.

Forum Hospital Reception Bench Seating
Multiple seating system with great personality, design, striking a balance between dynamism, vitality, robustness, multifunctionality and practical sense. With an intelligent and beautiful combination of curved and rounded forms.

Olympia Hospital Bench Reception Seating
Designed along simple functional and minimalist lines, aimed at environments requiring style, strength and durability

Ona Reception Seating
Complete range of contract seating which includes chair, armchair, bench and stool.
The seat is equipped with an original and innovative system of double casing beech
wood with open back which contrasts with the sober and functional lines of the seat and

POP Art Reception Bench Seating
POP Art is a complete collection of seating options allowing a design style to be carried through from Reception to Clinical Areas.

slym Reception Bench Seating
Multiple seating range in which the elegant and minimalist design of its varnished beech
wood shell is powerfully projected, with a double curve for lumbar support and extra comfort.

AC Sleepover Couch
A guest couch in your home might be used twice in a month. Yet, a couch in the hospital is used almost every day in a year, both as a couch and as a lying surface. For that reason, durability is coming forward as a highly crucial aspect.Thanks to the unique production methodology, the shape of chassis is formed by bending the steel frame instead of welding. That explains how we can offer you a superior durable couch – no matter how intense or harsh it is used.

Discretio Mobile Ward Screens
Multi Position Mobile Ward Screen that can be used in most areas of your Hospital

Artina Hospital Bed
Many Years of Research and Experience have led upto this perfectly simple and elegant electric Hospital Bed

Galileo ICU Hospital bed – the perfect versatile solution
The Galileo hospital bed – the perfect versatile solution for standard or intensive patient care. The latest family of electrically operated hospital beds, designed to the most advanced patient care requirements and international standards, and providing dramatic improvements in both patient comfort levels and hospital staff efficiency.

Hospital Beds, Patient Transfer and AC Sleepover Couches
Take a Tour of our Tautmann Healthcare Collection, IV Poles, Sleepover Couch, Bedside Cabinets, IV Poles and Beds

Olympia Hospital Ward Bed
An extensive range of some of Hosptal Ward Beds

Siena & Aris Hospital Beds
The Siena Hospital Bed combines user-friendliness with a high functional and efficient mattress platform.

TB Series Hospital Beds
Our ability to realize an uncompromising blend of cutting-edge design, beyond-norms reliability and world-class functionality in our products. Our unrelenting approach to engineering, from the inception of an idea to its manufacturing, lets us tackle design challenges that take our products, and the market with them, to the next level. The end result is a beautiful product that is built to last and a pleasure to use

VICO Hospital Bed
The VICO Hospital Bed combines well-tried technology with modern design. This technology guarantees a long lifespan and maximum stability and safety.

Millennium Line Hydraulic Shower Trolley ST370
Indispensable for modern intensive patient care, the hydraulic shower trolley enables patients to be bathed by only one attendant. A range of adjustable height shower trolleys including Millennium Line model ST 370 is available. Both models offer padded and waterproof tray, wide height adjustment range, access from both sides and maximum mobility and ease of operation. An electric version – and many accessories – are also available.

IV Mobilyzer
Ergonomic design for optimal use, very easy to use, Height adjustable, Supports easy standing up of the patient giving more independence. Oval tube can’t rotate and Latex free Hand grips with good comfortable hold.

Tarsus IV Infusion Stand from Sweden
Both our standard infusion stand and our dosage pump infusion stand are designed in keeping with the qualitative and functional standards demanded by Swedish hospital professionals.

Violite Space Saver IV Stand
Violite and its compact size, many colours, telescope and hanging possibilities brings a new thinking to IV Poles. It releases medical storage space for more important needs.

Foot Stools Height Adjustable
Height Adjustable Foot Stools

Medical and Surgical Chairs and Stools
Medical and Surgical Chairs and Stools for Healthcare professionals

Saddle Chairs and Stools
Score Saddle Chairs for optimum ease of operation ideal for Surgical and Medical Clinicians

Cleaning Buckets and Floor Cleaning
Quality Cleaning Buckets and Floor Cleaning equipment with colour and Design

Healthcare Silver-Line Medical Carts
Fantastic selection of multi-purpose Hospital carts for the modern Hospital

Hotel Linen Storage Carts
Hotel Linen Mobile Storage Carts

Klaro Medical Carts with Colour Trim
Medical Carts with Colour in mind….

Linen Storage and disposal
Linen Storage Carts

Stainless Steel Medical Chair Line
Quality Stainless Steel mobile storage equipment

Norwegian Care Home Seating
A complete Collection of furniture for the Modern Care Home looking for Quality, Design and Life-Cycle

Millennium Line ES710/710FF
In addition to the twin-pedestal hydraulics, under-bed storage and hands-free trendelenburg, the ES710FF also features knee-break/gatch, operated by manual crank, and many accessories. This model can also be x-ray lucent.

Millennium Line ES711CA C Arm
This model features a two-section sliding x-ray lucent mattress platform – for use with C-Arm systems – as well as full-length under-platform elevating x-ray cassette shelf, for use with standard x-ray cassette systems. In addition to the twin-pedestal hydraulic height adjustment, the ES711CA also has a 90° back-rest, collapsible fold-down side-rails and central locking 200mm (8″) castors. A wide range of options and accessories is available.

Tautmann UT-10 ICU Patient Transfer Trolley
Tautmann PT-10 offers you fast and convenient steering, maneuvering and braking when you are transferring your patient thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design. Its special surface treated stainless steel offers you an aesthetic and consistently clean stretcher.

U-Shaped Patient Transfer Trolley
The main goal during the development of this stretcher was the possibility to offer the
trauma patient a complete treatment, including the full body X-ray procedure on the
same stretcher without transfers. This is achieved by using a U-shaped base and a
sliding radio translucent top.

VICO Patient Transfer Trolley
Vico high-Low Hospital Patient Transfer Trolley