Breast Feeding chairs 2017-11-05T05:54:30+00:00

MimmaM? is a new and unique armchair designed by Arch. Mitzi Bollani for helping new mothers breastfeeding the baby, assisting them during the first happy, but not easy days after giving birth, when beds and chairs are not suitable for them.
Its seat, made in soft material, pleasant to touch, offers an optimal rest for the mothers? lumbar areas and their shoulders, high and wide arm-rests support and do not tire mother?s arms and support the baby easier in all several breast-feeding positions, twin breast-feeding included.
A soft pull-out foot-rest helps mother maintaining the correct position.
Its seat is designed and shaped to not press their aching parts.
The base in varnish aluminium has a right shape so people don?t trip up and can easy put back the footrest.
Two little castors on base?s back let the armchair move easily while it is reclining.
MimmaM? is a medical device with CE certification.
It is fire-proof, antibacterial anf fungicide, cleanable by mild soap