BLS3-HWP three call pushbuttons with extension 2017-11-15T15:14:22+00:00

All “BLS” call pushbuttons can be one or three channels, with or without call extension.  They are all equipped with lithium batteries and the estimated lifetime is about 30.000 times.

Each key can work independently, that is, each can send a call alert to a different device.

The “reset” button is used to cancel the call made by the patient using the red button or the button on the extension, while “A” and “B” keys that are in the 3 channels device are reserved for the service operators. The cancellation is obtained  keeping the key pressed for at least 3 seconds. The message sent to ALP100NW and ALP300W receivers can be customized (for example, “room 1 call nurse”, “service call”…).

These keyboards are equipped with a locking and unlocking system with a dedicated key. The call is made in random mode with random delay start at each call and the device verifies that the transmission channel is free, this to avoid overlapping calls.






  • Long time battery life
  • Audible and luminous battery alarm
  • Automatic recall for 3 times
  • Random delayed call start
  • Transmission type POCSAG
  • Frequency deviation: +/- 2.5 KHz
  • Frequency stability +/- 10 PPM
  • Selectivity major. 55 dB
  • Transmission protocol POCSAG
  • Battery: Lithium CR2477 3V

• Dimensions: 92 mm x 92 mm x 32 mm