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Registered Nurses

 Health & Care

Our Healthcare Services

E-learning & Software

E-learning & software WorkRite is our market-leading online training system. Using the intuitive interface, you can deliver engaging training efficiently and cost-effectively across your entire business.

Seating Projects

Unleash employee potential with better office seating. Our experts are here to match you with the perfect chairs for your business.

Face to Face Training

Face-to-face training equips your staff with invaluable knowledge designed to reduce risks and save your business a lot of money in the long-run.

DSE and Vehicle Assessments

Our job is to help prevent musculoskeletal problems from developing at work by assessing workstaions and vehicle set-ups for problem areas.

Disability Enablement

People with disabilities often feel disadvantaged in the workplace. Enablement is all about empowering employees - regardless of disabilities or impairments.

Consulting Services

Our consulting service puts you in touch with relevant, appropriately qualified experts to advise on ergonomic, health and safety, and wellbeing matters.